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Our Professional DJ/Karaoke Equipment

We have professional DJ equipment at every event and we take pride in providing the best quality sound. We use QSC K10 speakers with 1000 watts, an FX eight channel mixer, professional wireless hand held microphones, JBL sub-woofer, two laptops to play clean digital music, and two flat screen color monitors for Karaoke. We also have EV speakers as a backup to any event. We have the #1 and #2 rated speakers in the DJ community.

We bring a book for your guests to see that has the top 100 hits of every year from 1950 to present day. We can put request slips on your tables or just make announcements that we take requests. Would you like to spice up your next event with a little more than just a DJ? Well then why not make you and your friends the stars of the show by hosting your very own Karaoke party!

With 20 years in the business as DJ’s, Christine and I will bring our professional experience right to you and make you “THE STAR”. With a selection of over 283,000 Karaoke songs available at the touch of a button, you could feel just like the stars do on, “American Idol” except there are no judges of course, just you and your friends and family having lots of fun!! Whether your event is a small birthday party, wedding reception, private event, or a corporate event, we can do it all. Call today for pricing and you could be “THE STAR” at your next event. We can also bring our DJ equipment and Karaoke equipment and split up the night for an extraordinary party.



Numark Mixer


QSC K10′s


Pro Mikes

EV K-12 1000 Watt backup speakers




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